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Veteran Australian travel agent Graeme Smyth, who has the Harvey World Franchise at Menai, Sydney began organising a motorhome tour through Canada and Alaska in 2003. Over the next ten years the interest in Graeme’s unique concept of organising a group of motor homes to cover a destignated route, with pre-booked stops at RV parks along the way has really taken off, as it offers a lot of freedom for participants to explore their particular interests as they travel through some fascinating regions of North America.

The added attraction of doing a journey without constant packing and unpacking, or doing most things in a large group – and not having the burden of everything being time sensitive has proved a huge success with people who are used to caravaning, and those who are new to motorhome travelling.

Over time Graeme has developed a number of tours in various parts of Alaska, Canada and the continental USA.
These are constantly revised and refined to ensure the quality of all aspects of the adventure are maintained.

Now Graeme offers his package of outstanding tours through this web site, dedicated only to motorhome convoy touring in North America.

Graeme regularly leads tours himself, and has a team of experienced tour leaders to travel with each tours.

As you’ll see, going through our web site, care is taken to ensure your trip is a great adventure.
Driving a motorhome on the other side of the road is not daunting.
No special license is required – but there are some things to note with each of the itineries and the terms and conditions,
especially regarding the insurance of the motorhome.

Please have a look at Graeme’s introductory video and the video about motorhome touring.

If you would like to talk with Graeme Smyth directly, please phone or email

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Welcome to the world of motorhome convoy touring – enjoy your look through all the tours – it’s a Great Way To See the World.


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Motorhome Convoy Touring is a great way to see the world. We are a long established operator specialising in North American itineries through Alaska, Canada and the United States with several tours available.
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