Q         What Airlines do you normally use?

A         Alaska – Air Canada. Eastern Canada, Route 66 and Nashville – Qantas

Q         Can we do our own airfares?

A         Yes, however past passenger and early bird discounts will not apply.

Q         Can I use a different airline?

A         Yes as long as Helloworld Menai issues the ticket.

Q         What credit we receive if we do our own airfares?

A         The value of the cheapest economy airfare available at the time.

Q         Can we upgrade to Business Class?

A         Yes, at additional cost.

Q         Can we return later?

A         Yes, at a $100.00 fee with Air Canada only.

The cost will be re assed for other airlines.


Q         What discounts are available?

A         Past passenger discount $500.00 per person.

Discounts do not apply when you do your own fares.


Q         Do we travel in convoy?

A         No

Q         Can I follow the tour leader?

A         Yes

Q         What happens if I break down?

A         Phone the 24H road side assist number. They will send an agent out to    assist or direct you to a RV service station.

Q         Can I vary the Itinerary?

A         Yes as long as the tour leader knows.

Q         What happens if I get sick and can not travel?

A         The tour leader will assist, however the tour must go on.

Q         What do we do where we stay two nights?

A         Optional tours will be arranged.

Q         What is the cost of food?

A         Similar to Australian Supermarkets.


Q         Do I need an International Drivers Licence.

A        No for Canada and USA and yes for Europe.

Q         Do I need a visa to enter the USA?

A         Yes a visa or an ESTA waiver. ESTA’s can be arranged on line.

Q         Do I need a visa to enter Canada

A         For Australian Passport Holders, Yes if you arrive by  Air, no if you drive across the border.

Q         How much validity must be in your Passport?

A         At least six months after your return.


Q         What is the best form on communication back to Australia?

A         Download SKYPE onto our Lap Top or Mobile Phone.

Q         Do I have a Walkie Talkie?

A         Yes


Q         What form of currency should I take.

A         USA at least $500.00 cash with a facility to get more.

Canada at least $500.00 with a facility to get more.

Q         How should I pay for fuel?

A         I suggest credit card.


Q         What are the best clothes to take?

A         Casual for the RV section and on the cruise ship a coat and tie for the formal nights.


Q         What will the weather be like.

A         Research the internet prior to departure.


Q         What equipment comes with the motorhomes

A         Linen, blankets, pillows, cutlery, cooking utensils.

Q         Do the Motorhomes have Air Conditioning

A         Alaska Heating only, all others reverse cycle.

Q         How much should I allow for fuel?

A         Alaska:                       $1800.00 Approx

Nashville                   $1500.00 Approx

Route 66                    $1800.00 Approx

Eastern Canada         $2000.00 Approx


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